At the ripe age of 21

At the ripe age of 21, I have come to appreciate the comfort in being able to call some place home. For me, home is Arizona, Tucson to be precise. Eighteen out of twenty-one years have been spent living in Arizona. Fifteen out of that eighteen have been in Tucson. I remember every house I’ve lived in since age 5 and multiple experiences in each that are unique to the Arizona environment that make one appreciate air conditioning, pools, shade and tile floors. Tucson is my birthplace and hometown. My roots are embedded in “The Old Pueblo.”

Tucson is an older Arizona city, a little rundown in some areas, but still a wonderful place to call home. The mountains on four sides of this beautiful valley offer it some protection from the harsh rays of the sun that shines mercilessly nine months out the year. They also make for a stunning foreground at sunset. The wildlife is always interesting to run into and coexistence is easily manageable.  Summer is almost year round, with temperatures rising into the hundreds and the environment is hot and dry, which is ideal for anyone with arthritis or respiratory problems.  Winters are short but sweet. The temperature can drop to freezing levels at night and if it’s a good winter the mountains will get snow.  The road systems are rather urban. There are no freeway systems like the capitol, Phoenix, but with only 600 square miles, Tucson does take long to drive across.

Then you have, nestled in the heart of Tucson, the University of Arizona. Even at one hundred and twenty one years old, the U of A is still turning out thousands of graduates every year. It’s considered home to many students who come to study medicine, which is one of the University’s focus fields.  Located on the east side of town is the renowned Davis – Monthan air force base which houses the largest private aircraft collection in the world and the air shows are fascinating. Plus, it’s always a treat to stop over at Hi-Corbett field during the spring time and watch the Colorado Rockies in training.

As a child, I always wanted to get out of Tucson and go somewhere else. I wanted to go somewhere more exciting, somewhere different, and somewhere green. Now that I’m older, I still enjoy going places, exciting, different and green, but I long to return home sooner. It’s harder to adapt to cold temperatures, since my body is so used to eighty degrees plus, weather. I actually miss the dry, brown earth of my desert surroundings, especially when I’ve been somewhere where everything is green and the air is thick with moisture. No matter where I go, I will always long for my hometown, eventually. The saying is absolutely true, “Home is where the heart is”. My heart is definitely forever rooted in Arizona, my home.