I feel that Winslow, Arizona

I feel that Winslow, Arizona is a wonderful place to live. The town is growing and there is already a college here, Northland Pioneer College. If you like the weather of mostly sunny days, but with a hint of windy breezes, this is the place for you. There are some friendly people here, which is good for making new friends. We do get some tiny dust tornados and earthquakes, but not enough to cause problems. No floods, and well the town is growing, so there will be some more businesses coming in.

We currently have a one-screen theatre here that shows movies one to two weeks old, but it beats going to other towns and watching them there, with the gas prices now. We have two grocery stores, which include Safeway and Bashas’. I work at Bashas’ so that place is good, and I like working there. I get to meet a lot of people there and they are friendly to me and others. There is a Wal-Mart and pretty soon there is going to a Super Wal-Mart. We have a Taco Bell with a Long John Silvers in the same building that is new, that opened in March 2006, as well as a Subway, McDonalds, Arby’s, Denny’s, Sonic, Dairy Queen, KFC, Flying J: Country Market, and  other types of places to eat. Some other businesses include Checkers Auto Parts, Goodwill industries, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Movie Gallery, The Reminder, The Scoop, and others.

I go to Northland Pioneer College and the classes there help me prepare to go to a bigger university later in life. The price of going to Northland Pioneer College is affordable. That is why I go there; my tuition with books was around $1000! Another college down in the valley offer about the same classes for $4500 and I didn’t know if that was with the books included! I had around sixteen credits too, and a full student has twelve. I did a little bit more schooling, so it depends on the fees of the classes, payment plans, and books.

Northland Pioneer College also has an Internet access lab, where students can go on the Internet free, and you can print some materials for only five cents. This is one of the four campuses of Northland Pioneer College, so there are more classes here than the centers. The Professors and staff are very nice and I am even going to take some summer classes there for the affordable pricing Northland Pioneer College offers. Northland Pioneer College is right off the highway 66, which makes it easier to get to. Sonic, Dairy Queen, and Flying J are right near the college too. This makes it easier to go get gas or fast food.

Winslow is also heard about on that one song, “Standing on the Corner of Winslow, Arizona.”  That is cool and there is a statue of the guy standing on the corner downtown near the Reminder and Winslow Theatre. Of course, if you like the water, Clear Creek is not far from Winslow. At Clear Creek you can go fishing, swimming, or boating. It’s also a great place to sunbathe and get a great tan. Plus, Winslow is right between Flagstaff and Holbrook if you need to get out of town. Holbrook has another Northland Pioneer College campus and Flagstaff has the Flagstaff Mall. Flagstaff is a mountain area with the San Francisco Peaks and it’s a bigger town.

For all these reasons, Winslow is great. I love it here because I grew up here. By the way, the properties are going up to, so it would be good to buy now. That is why new businesses are coming to Winslow. The railroad is nearby too, so if you need to go somewhere, you can hop on the train. Go ahead and come to Winslow, Arizona to live and grow. Don’t forget to go and stand on the corner of Winslow, Arizona too!